image of box arena game
coming real soon!

box arena

by bucketfish


the gate is hanging loosely off its hinges
leading into dark stairs into darker rooms
the door is wide open - the only question that remains
adventurer, is whether you will step through it
and into the box arena.

box arena is an exciting and adorable roguelike filled with whimsical items and lovable monsters.

play as the curious little adventurer on their quest to reunite the elements in this foreign world. discover a myriad of items and strange creatures on your way - have you heard of the one who's won ten carrot-eating competitions? - and grow stronger in your journey. hack and slash your way through the rooms, and the elemental blade will be yours!

what's that weird slurping sound past the next door?


box arena begun march of 2022. as a hobby project, its development is... slow, and only when there's time. but - hey, it's going! and it's going pretty well!

this gallery is incomplete. more soon :)


as a part of box arena's end credits, i'm hoping to have a series of fanart of box arena's main character. and if you are interested in box arena, at all, i'd love to have you! please and thank you.

draw the main character in any way you'd like. watercolor, 3d modelling, clay sculpture, pencil sketch. you can do any position, too - nothing inappropriate please! use common sense.

send it to me any way (feel free to reach out via email at bucketfishy (at) gmail (dot) com), along with the name that you want to be credited as. thank you very much. thank you.